JP Magson

Why JP Magson?

You need to be satisfied that your professional financial service providers have the necessary credentials, capacity and credibility in the market place and the commitment to deliver top quality service necessary to your entity. We believe we are suited to serve you especially in respect to the following;

We believe our success lies directly in our people and our culture. In a world where client service is often an after-thought, the professionals at JP MAGSON consider it their top priority.

We commit to:

  • Involve partners and managers in all aspects of the Services to ensure timely and quality services
  • Communicate with you throughout the Services to avoid “surprises” along the way
  • Efficiently manage all resources to provide the highest value at the lowest cost
  • Deliver timely responses and products at every turn

We build genuine relationships with our clients by simply offering better and more personalized service.

We deliberately retain a small number of staffs; you won’t be dealing with different people each time your file gets shared. We have low staff turnover. In fact, you will get to know your partner and supporting accountants and shall be able to contact and consult as agreed.

For clients that may not make the “prestigious” client list of a Big Four firm, choosing JPMAGSON that offers high quality services and a genuine interest in their business is often a better bet, not to mention better value for their money.

We provide clients with excellent service, high-quality expertise, valuable feedback and we remain responsive to your service needs and success.

We will support your growth and development with a range of professional services.

We have built our reputation on our ability to deliver exceptional client services based on our expertise and working closely with our clients.

We offer pragmatic advice rooted in local knowledge, professional astuteness and approaches critical to your success.

  • JP MAGSON has a 14 years’ experience serving clients in the East African region performing exceptional client services in accounting, auditing, tax, risk, consulting and advisory services.
  • 97% of JP MAGSON’s clients are from the NGO and donor world, 95% of our audit and assurances assignments are NGO related and we enjoy over 98% client retention ratio in the NGO sector. The over 98% client retention ratio supports our quality standards and client satisfaction.|
  • These metrics demonstrate our experience and commitment to the Not-for-Profit sector in Uganda.
  • To date we have conducted over 408 not-for-profit annual statutory audit assignments (of which 46 (11%) of these are for International Non-Governmental Organisations-INGO) and over 176 project specific audits. We have also delivered 314 Agreed-Upon Procedures engagements/verifications and 5 fraud investigations assignments. Ideally, we have a thorough understanding of INGO and NGO sector and the specific challenges faced by the different players in the sectors i.e., the INGO, NGO, donors and development partners, beneficiaries and regulators thus putting JP MAGSON in the most suitable position to work along with you on this journey of achieving your dreams.
  • Our key supervisory staff have over 60 years collective relevant experience in managing and supporting clients’ growth and value creation. With diverse backgrounds and client responsibilities, you can be assured of highly talented and creative engagement team well versed in issues facing your industry including new accounting standards and laws and regulations.
  • Not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) are subject to unique laws, tax compliance regulations and accounting rules and challenges in addition to the challenging environments in which they operate. It goes without saying, an accountant, auditor or adviser to NPOs or in this industry should have expertise.
  • Our Audit Quality Systems (AQS) are regularly reviewed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).
  • The most recent ICPAU Audit Quality Review (AQR) placed us among the Grade One (1) category which is reserved for firms that prove existence of strongest AQS.
  • “Classification of Firm-Using a grading scale of 1-3, with 3 being the weakest and 1 the strongest, your firm is in grade 1” …ICPAU Audit Quality Review Report 6 February 2020.
  • Grade 1 has always been enjoyed by the “Big Six” (6) audit firms of this world. Our penetration of this Grade 1 demonstrates our commitment to continually improve our processes in serving our clients.
  • Our partners and senior team members are retained by ICPAU to provide pro bono mentoring services to a number of CPAs and practitioners.
  • We understand the importance of deadlines and have proved to working both hard and smart to meet agreed timelines.
  • We deploy a dedicated and accessible Assignment team to ensure key issues are closely monitored, aptly resolved with high level partner involvement at each stage of the Assignment. This ensures that your affairs are dealt with expediently.
  • Quick access to specialised services teams.
  • We closely work with clients to minimise surprises or unfair conclusions that would reasonably have been avoided.
  • We are responsive to our clients’ needs.
  • Continuously leveraging technology in streamlining our service delivery.
  • We deploy a Risk-Based Audit Methodology that includes identifying and testing of key internal controls and other risk avoidance plan in place.
  • We ensure a systematic analysis of risks specific to your key business processes and derive risk responses with a critical focus on areas, transactions and events that represent the greatest risk to your operations and are material to the quality and credibility of financial reporting.
  • We believe all audits are not the same. We therefore ensure our risk assessment and each year’s audit plan are tied to identified priority areas and strategic risks.
  • Our methodology and tools offer effective and efficient framework for our work.
  • We understand the importance of providing the most rigorous and thorough audit approach to your affairs.
  • We achieve audit efficiency through complying with applicable laws of Uganda and the international professional rules, attaining client cooperation and deploying our audit rigor nonetheless avoiding needless procedures.
  • Tailored and flexible approaches to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
  • We agree with you the flexibility of offering the Services.
  • Reasonable fees and payment plan. These are agreed early to enable a mutually agreeable fee.
  • Client Service Plans are designed to identify and track issues and opportunities.
  • We believe in a forward-thinking approach that encourages flexibility.
  • We have the resources to deliver excellent results across borders. We are a local firm with local expertise and a global reach.
  • JP MAGSON has been an independent member firm of DFK International (DFKI) since May 2011.
  • Established in 1962, DFKI is leading international association of independent accounting, tax and business advisory firms bringing together strong national firms that provide high quality professional services to clients.
  • To date DFKI has 441 offices across the world covering all major business centres, representing 229 active member firms in at least 93 countries, 1350 partners, 13,341 staff and USD486 Billon turnover (Refer to JP MAGSON has a wide geographical spread through DFKI.


For more details about DFK International’s member firms, number of countries represented, number of partners, number of staff etc. Visit because these figures change from time to time as DFK updates their website. We suggest this should be the case wherever a DFK statistics are shown or quoted.

We look forward to the opportunity to showcase how our approach to client service can make a difference for you. Relationships are highly valued at JP MAGSON, and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and put our knowledge and experience to work on your behalf.

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